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Darer (old) vs Na`Vi

Darer (old)

Rank: -

Country: Ukraine Ukraine

Clan: Darer (old)

20 % 80
10071 40281
122 bets 181


Rank: #4 (1,475 pts)

Country: Ukraine Ukraine

Clan: Natus Vincere


Amount of bets: 303 ( 50,351)
Event: » The Premier League
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: May 12, 2012 at 20:00
Posted by: Ex1leZ

Comments (Closed)

United KingdomAraziell 2 years, 5 days ago
Turkeypd.orbion 2 years, 2 days ago
will be epic epic epic!!!!
ArgentinaEEEEEEEF 2 years, 1 day ago
Other960 1 year, 51 weeks ago
gonna be legendary!
PhilippinesYliasteR 1 year, 51 weeks ago
ArtStyle vs Xboct
Santa vs Lightofheaven
God vs Dendi
Dread vs AA
NS vs Puppey

this is gonna be epic..!!
Russian Federationantosha 1 year, 51 weeks ago
ohh my god!!this is cool story bro
Greececrossmax 1 year, 51 weeks ago
DAMN I am SO GONNA Watch this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMN I wanna see dendi vs GoD in the middle lane!
By the way... The premier league and bo1? Isn't it bo3? ^^.gif^^.gif

Epic 35k viewers inc.
MalaysiaZombieEatYourBrain 1 year, 51 weeks ago
Ok this gonna a hard choice....both of em are my to both Darer & Na'Vi happy.gif
Chinaexiter_dk 1 year, 51 weeks ago
Czech RepublicBooncz 1 year, 51 weeks ago
Darer vs. Na'Vi on-line and LAN this week = epic
Czech Republiccli(n)t 1 year, 51 weeks ago
shit just got real
GermanyVolzotan 1 year, 51 weeks ago
Most anticipated clash (=
CanadaEver_Forever 1 year, 51 weeks ago
lol ther percentage is 80-20 for darer like wtf lol
isn't it supposed to be like 51 to 49 when 2 teams like that meet?
Belarushoob 1 year, 51 weeks ago
#13 i think the tango return is higher for darer

edit: nvm i duno what im talking about :D
SerbiaMalina 1 year, 51 weeks ago
Finally clash of the Titans! 1 year, 51 weeks ago
artstyle is idol captain !! na'vi is idol team !!!! good luck darer and na'vi !!! this game is easy for na'vi :) !!! dendiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
ThailandXuan- 1 year, 51 weeks ago
can't wait crazy.gif
Viet Namdragmetohell 1 year, 51 weeks ago
more vote for Darer plz!
Russian FederationBlacktooth_Grin 1 year, 51 weeks ago
El Classico
UkraineEleison 1 year, 51 weeks ago
rooting for Na'Vi but bet on Darer
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